Our vision

We believe...

We believe we engineer the future we envision,
and by working together we can build a better world.

Imagine a world where all humans have their basic needs, and where humans exist in a sustainable cooperation with the nature. Imagine a world where humans take care of the global environment, while also exploring the rest of the universe. Imagine a world where we all can fulfil our potential and curiosity.

Why, how and what we do


To help humanity fulfil their long term potential.



By supporting and investing in companies that make the world a better place.



We invest in companies that believe what we belive. We invest in companies that make the world a better place.


Our Heroes

We want to mention our heroes, who have inspired us:

Our heros have taught us that motivation comes from helping humanity move forward.

  • Steve Jobs, who has taught us to challenge the status quo.

  • Elon Musk, who has taught us that things are possible, even if others tell us it ain't.

  • Simon Sinek, who has taught us why we do it.

  • Chris Michael, who has taught us how we do it.
  • Matt Ward, who has inspired us to keep going.
  • Torkild Jemterud, who has explained the world for us.